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Sergio de Frutos Leno


Sergio de Frutos Leno is a man of many talents! Born in Madrid, Spain, in 1983, he studied at the Virgen de Navalazarza Primary School of the ESO in the "San Agustín del Guadalix," and Acceso a la Universidad (UNED) in Madrid. He’s been a Co-writer at Neo Saga Game Studios, and an associate writer on With Sugar Please. Since 2006 he has written several film, graphic novel, comic and video game projects.

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A band of ticks assaults the back of a stray dog and
overcomes a peaceful village of fleas. One of them manages
to escape, but its placid life in the animal gives a turn of
180 degrees when being surrounded by numerous dangers in the
outside. From there, and through endless adventures, he
forges his character, but that is not enough to be able to
face a group of powerful ticks. Thus, with the help of a
selfless and good-hearted cockroach, he finds four mercenary
fleas. Together with that team of professionals, the flea
returns to the street dog from which it went into exile,
defeats the ticks and frees its people.


ELIZABETH, 36, she is driving round the highway in the midst
of a storm. A lightning illuminates her. A lock of natural
ash-blond hair sticks out of her ebony mane and a large
number of freckles stain her fair skin. She is wearing the
characteristic white uniform any nurse would wear. The
downpour worsens, making visibility almost impossible, not
even the windshield wipers can clear away the water.
Elisabeth does not take her eyes off the road.

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Year 2057. After the invasion of undead that ravages the
entire planet, the few humans who have managed to survive
have been forced to migrate to huge platforms six hundred
meters high in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Unaware of
this structure over the sea, there is only one place on land
free of the living dead; ZomBeach Resort.


Los cascos de un caballo pisan la tierra seca del pueblo
Sobre el caballo va un vaquero, ALAN, de aspecto refinado y
vestido con traje negro.
El caballo se detiene.
Alan desmonta y se dirige a la puerta.
No parece haber nadie. Alan se aproxima a una especie de
mostrador y con la palma de la mano golpea repetidas veces.
Un ANCIANO algo desequilibrado y con una bata blanca
ensangrentada sale de la trastienda.

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A screw cap is picked up on the beach by a child and thrown into a can for recycling. Consequently, his best friends, a few caps of soda and beer, may be on the march to rescue him, but the task will not be as easy as they thought at first. In
this way, the four plates will have to pursue the worker in charge of collecting the caps. Along the way, in addition to overcoming endless complications, they will meet a charismatic tin ring whom they will find themselves in a moral obligation to help. Finally, they will get to the recycling plant and rescue the helpless plug in extremis.


The government is developing a new technique by a team of
scientists using stem cells of people affected that allows
amputees to regenerate limbs and produce tissue for
craniofacial reconstruction veterans. The goal is to grow
skin, muscle and other tissues to heal wounded troops in
scenarios of warfare through a process in which the
biodegradable structure is implanted and absorbed by the
tissue so that the new member becomes fully functional
without the risk of rejection. However, patients refuse
treatment because the stem cells are unable to engage the
affected cells.

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The Earth's oceans are in a very serious process of
deterioration. Water represents approximately 70% of the earth's surface and influences meteorological phenomena. Tens of thousands of barrels of substances such as plutonium from radioactive waste companies are found on the ocean floor. Aquatic life is being destroyed but somepollutants are concentrated in some species that live inthe place, causing tumors, malformations and even transforming them into zombies.

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