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Michael Canyon Drebert


UCLA Graduate, A composer for motion pictures and television. While working under the likes of Charles Bernstein, Steven Scott Smiley, Robert Etoll, study in Jerry Goldsmith, Michael Champion’s template music with triadic reinforcement. Michael was born to entertain. From the early age of five, he was tutored in blues, jazz and classical discipline on piano


A Guide to Direct Contact and Ascension
by Michael Canyon Drebert & White Ryder

It's not every day that your life changes... but when it does, you remember it forever.

What does it mean when we have a sudden blast of insight? Why does it happen? What is actually occurring? This journey starts with every man’s desire to communicate with intelligence in the cosmos. It sets the foundation for the future of what's been called divine inspiration, setting the stage for the next era - when humans are led first by intuition, supported by logic. Imagine how your life can change in just one moment, then another - profound moments which set us on a path that changes the very meaning of life. You may notice the world is now organizing a transcendental shift. Thus a new potentiality is unlocked. Your journey to connect can begin here, this book will show you how – step by step. Earthly consciousness has never been better understood than right now in human history, and yet we are just breaking ground on a worthy understanding of a primary faculty of consciousness: Channeling. This book unveils the interstellar Venusian guidance that has been supporting humanity in our development for many years, detailing our own 'unexplainable'. With extensive messages from ‘the Chancellor’ of Venus, it offers guidance for mankind, with a mindset and practical tools to explore your own guided destiny.


Welcome to the journey!


An Asian Dumb & Dumber Saved By an Angel

Scoring indie films such as Rice Girl Winner of Best Comedy by the NY Independent Film Festival starring Pat Morita, Martin Kove, Ian Lithgow, Joe Estevez, Dean Haglund

Music Soundtrack by Michael Canyon Drebert




THE Photography of Michael Childers
Directed by William Phelps

Editor, Music Supervisor & Soundtrack by Michael Canyon Drebert

Icons and Legends spans the career of American photographer Michael Childers, including many photographs that are published for the first time. Childers was one of the founding photographers for Andy Warhol's magazine Interview; he photographed magazine covers for Elle, Life, and Vogue; and he worked as a special photographer for films and London National Theater productions.

Working mostly with black and white film, Childers has captured the icons and legends of popular culture and the art world. His stunning portraits include Natalie Wood, Robert Wagner, Clint Eastwood, Catherine Deneuve, Rock Hudson, and Carol Channing. Several portraits are of special importance because they were taken early in the actors' careers, before they became celebrities: Sissy Spacek, Demi Moore, Mel Gibson, John Travolta, Richard Gere, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Equally important are portraits of the great film industry legends who helped establish and build the stars' careers, including film directors Billy Wilder and John Schlesinger and costume designer Edith Head.

In addition to stars of the film world, Childers has produced portraits of contemporary artists, architects, writers, and musicians. These include a series of photographs of Andy Warhol in his New York studio and Paris apartment, and a series of David Hockney in his Hollywood and London studios. Other portraits include artists Sam Francis, Edward Ruscha, Robert Graham, and Ed Moses; architects Richard Meier and E. Stewart Williams; musicians Ringo Starr, Cat Stevens, Grace Jones, and Rod Stewart; and writers Tennessee Williams, Micky Spillane, and Christopher Rice.

Producer & Music Supervisor & Soundtrack
Michael Canyon Drebert

"Legends and Idols Fine Art and Art Guitars" Stars in the film include Mark Schulman #markyplanet, who is the drummer for ‘Pink’, and Johnny Romeo @johnnyromeoart, the famous Pop Artist from Australia. Willard Snow, who graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute with an MFA Master of Fine Arts degree, painted 4 giant 10 foot guitar sculptures for Gibson Brands ‘Guitar Town’ event in West Hollywood, where he saw them permanently installed on Sunset Blvd. The film follows that success into a new gallery venture with a quirky investor who disappeared a week before their first opening show. Undeterred, Willard pushes forward.  “This is the American Dream rising up out of paint and i-phones,” says Mark Knudson, the director.  At 85 minutes, this is his first full feature film.  Mark has worked behind the camera in the Film business for over 10 years.

Film-Poster-Rev005-for-site (1).webp

A Tribute to The Music Of Elton John

Produced and starred in his own live show production, Benny and the Jets, "A Tribute To The Music of Elton John and Bernie Taupin,) which Elton himself endorsed! Playing gigs in festivals, casinos and arenas

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