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Alex Chionetti


Alex Chionetti podcast 05 - 23 - 24

Alex Chionetti podcast 05 - 23 - 24

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Hosted by Michael Canyon Drebert, Creative Director
& Co Partner at Resilient Films Studios.

Michael Canyon Drebert UCLA Graduate, A composer for motion pictures and television. Michael was tutored in Blues, Jazz and Classical discipline on piano In his early teens, he studied acting,” at Lucy Stern Theater for performing arts in Palo Alto, CA Donating time as Judge in the Art and documentary Jury film division at N.E.M.N (National Educational Media Network) holding chair position for 5 years Judging Winners for the gold silver and bronze Apple Awards. Michael produced his own live show production, Benny and the Jets, "A Tribute To The Music of Elton John and Bernie Taupin,) which Elton himself endorsed! Playing gigs in festivals, casinos and arenas, touring the planet. Michael began doing musical fundraisers for organizations such as the Jerry Lewis telethon gaining him public notoriety.

We need to teach the younger generation to focus, Focus on the cause and not react to the affect. To observe and take action not reaction and teach our children the art of the ritual how to grow the garden properly in a world that starts and stop with a breath.


- Michael Canyon Drebert

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