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Jimmy Adrian Velarde – has over thirty-five years experience in the entertainment industry has 26 Emmy nominations, 12 Emmy Awards for his production work at CBS Television Network. Jimmy A Velarde is known for The Late Late Show with James Corden (2015) and Real Time with Bill Maher (2003). CEO Creative Teamwork Entertainment. With over thirty-five years experience in the Entertainment Industry, 12 Emmy Awards, 1 Grammy Nomination for his production work. In 1980, Mr. Velarde began his multi-faceted career as a freelance photographer for The Los Angeles Daily News and was instrumental in photographing their highly successful Restaurant and Nightclub Guide. This general market association opened the door for becoming the Entertainment Director of Hispanic Media, the Hispanic branch of Guber-Peters Entertainment. Velarde was also instrumental in producing corporate sponsored Hispanic Cultural Music Events in the San Fernando Valley. In 1981, Velarde found himself as assistant tour manager for blues icons Buddy Guy and the late harmonica man, Junior Wells while opening for the Rolling Stones. Followed by Blues Revival Festivals with legends Big Mama Thornton, Big Jay McNeely, Joe Houston, and Koko Taylor to name a few. In 1989, Jimmy’s desire for network experience attained a staff position as a cameraman with CBS-TV City in Los Angeles. Working on many iconic shows such as The Carol Burnett Show, Redd Foxx Special, Real Time with Bill Maher, Late, Late Show with James Corden, Survivor, CBS Sports, The Rose Parade, Hollywood Bowl with John Williams, The LA Marathon. He is a member of ATAS, NARAS, SOC. Mr. Velarde currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Pacoima Historical Society.

Livin' Beyond The Pain

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The Late Late Show

Outstanding Technical Direction, Camerawork, Video Control For A Special - 2020

  • Jimmy Adrian Velarde, Camera

  • Live In Front Of A Studio Audience: "All In The Family" And "Good Times"

  • ABC

  • Sony Pictures Television, Act III Productions, Kimmelot, D’Arconville, Gary Sanchez Productions, Simpson Street

Private Insanities

Chicano Artist Felix Perez has been tormented for most of his life both mentally and physical of demons that haunted him till finally finding the courage in facing them though his Private Insanities collection of paintings. His first-hand experience in all the ills of society gave him the voice to create meaningful images in hope of changing our at-risk youth from going down the path of destruction. From Drug abuse, gang violence, spousal abuse, child abuse, suicide, and abortion this film serves as a scared straight on canvas. 



Producer and Director of Photography. Jimmy A Velarde
Written Produced and Directed by Evette Vargas One hour Drama Series - Screening Room After committing a sin in heaven, an angel (a former Spanish conquistador) is banished and he must roam the earth until fulfilling his penance, which is to compel sinners to carry out a penance of their own -- to right their wrongs and cleanse their souls. The fallen angel has been earth bound for 500-years, attempting to get back to heaven to reunite with his wife. Initially, he contacts sinners by using the one thing they all possess -- a phone.

Somos De America

Producer and Director of Photography. Jimmy A Velarde

Produced by
Michael O'Neill
Jimmy A Velarde

Music by
Michael O'Neill    

Cinematography by
Thomas Macias
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