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Indie Film Projects seeking investment production partners or stories for sale, represented by BjbPresents

Schirete Zick, "Soul & Sex"
DS Brechner, "Diamond Chase"

Michael C. Drebert "Legends & Idols"

Jimmy Adrian Velarde  "Land of Thousand Dances" "Confessions"

Working Title
"Land of Thousand Dances"
Slated to Produce and Direct by Jimmy Adrian Velarde
written by Eugene "Geno" Escarrega

The true story of Cannibal & The Headhunters,
the 1960’s Chicano group from East L.A. that scores a national hit with “Land of a Thousand Dances” while barely out of high school. On the personal request of Sir Paul McCartney, they quickly find themselves opening for The Beatles on a two week U.S. tour that begins at Shea Stadium and culminates at The Hollyw
ood Bowl. The band begins at Lincoln High School and is discovered and
nurtured by Rampart Records label founder Eddie Davis, who plows the profits from his successful restaurants into championing Mexican American musicians
and singers and their pioneering "East Side Sound."


Diamond Chase!
DS Brechner's Action Packed drama of a Diamond Heist.
Clay Williams is a man looking for an out. He is a disgraced ex cop, who now works a dead end job at an airport. During a routine unloading of a plane, he finds a case of diamonds, steals them and runs. Big mistake. They belong to a group of corrupt Israeli  Commandos who vow to hunt him down. Terror, action and violence ensue when the commandos kidnap his girlfriend Tara and their daughter Shay. Desperate, Clay turns to an unlikely ally: a corrupt agent in the FBI, Peter Hubert. In the end, Clay is forced to choose: his family or the diamonds?


Legends & Idols
Willard Snow

Directed by Mark Knudson
Music Score by Michael Canyon Drebert

Armed with just his talent, some paint and an i-phone, follow Willard Snow as he attempts to open an art gallery, while painting giant guitar sculptures, real drums, guitars, and large portraits of Rock Star Legends. This is the American Dream rising out of paint and iPhones. HD, Genre: Artistic Documentary Film Rating: Not Rated Yet – most likely PG Directed by: Mark Knudson Story by: Willard Snow and Mark Knudson Cast: Willard Snow, Jon Anderson(Yes), Mark Schulman(Pink), Johnny Romeo, A/C Alexander, Produced by: Mark Knudson, and Michael Canyon Drebert Filming: Southern California Filming Wrap: Spring, 2020 Release Date: Film Festivals; 2021
Length: 89 minutes


Producer and Director of Photography. Jimmy Velarde
Written Produced and
Directed by Evette Vargas
Proof of Concept trailer - Vimeo
After committing a sin in heaven, an angel (a former Spanish conquistador) is banished and he must roam the earth until fulfilling his penance, which is to compel sinners to carry out a penance of their own -- to right their wrongs and cleanse their souls. The fallen angel has been earth bound for 500-years, attempting to get back to heaven to reunite with his wife. Initially, he contacts sinners by using the one thing they all possess -- a phone.


Soul & Sex
IT’S THE STORY of a world in which HOT SEX and COLD HEARTS collide.
Schirete Zick,

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