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Hi everyone

It's been a week of lots of meetings and conversations, along with much progress on the company and it's formation.

Michael and I received the completed LLC formation from our Registered Agent in Dothan Al on Friday! We have our business license, operating license, EIN , and business bank account opening tomorrow in Selma. Was a lot done in two weeks.

I've also verified my identity on LinkedIn which will safeguard my identity from imposters. It now has a mark next to my headshot on my face page. I'm getting one on my Instagram account too tomorrow. Too many hackers out there and imposters.

I'm writing several press releases tomorrow for some of our new offerings. A colleague of mine in Chicago who has an established web radio show has agreed to barter with me, and I'll be adding a link to advertise his channel on RFStudios site and posting on my platforms, and he's offering ALL of you FREE interviews on his show! So you can talk up your film projects and festival wins etc. I'll be putting out the press release tomorrow to announce it. But here's the link to see him on Facebook and today's his birthday send him a little bday greeting.

His rock channel

Michael and I are going to add a department of RFStudios for fundraising via our own company international short film festival twice annually to help disaster relief efforts in various countries. So if y'all have short films in the can already and want to enter, please let us know. I'm already getting people in Pakistan, Spain and Mexico inquiring, so we are in the process of organizing this for our company to take place next Spring. The entrance fee TBD but we will be offering only our clients a 50 percent off coupon to enter. Stay tuned proceeds will benefit communities hit by natural disasters.

I'm working with an incredible Architect in Dubai who's in the process of designing our eco friendly production company studio in Dubai. It's exciting ! He is scouting locations for us there, and will also be doing the Las Vegas location eventually. I'm in beginning discussions with five possible investors, so time will tell. But had a very good phone meeting with a major contractor from Michigan I've known 13 years who's feeling interested seeing our growth and stability. Fingers crossed

These deals take time.

A few of you have mentioned books you have and are seeking publishing deals. Please follow up with me next week as I'm taking this entire week off for some long overdue R&R.

Have a good week everyone and I'll be in touch after Thanksgiving

Grateful for y'all!


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