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Sergio de Frutos Leno is a man of many talents! Born in Madrid, Spain, in 1983, he studied at the Virgen de Navalazarza Primary School of the ESO in the "San Agustín del Guadalix," and Acceso a la Universidad (UNED) in Madrid.

He’s been a Co-writer at Neo Saga Game Studios, and an associate writer on With Sugar Please. Since 2006 he has written several film, graphic novel, comic and video game projects.

Sergio de Frutos' literary work consists of a comic, Radioactive Dead, as well as some synopses and film scripts; Bus, Atmosfear, Dark Lights, Light Town, Homeless, Malas Pulgas, Resacón de Verano, Atmosfear, Sarcoma, Involución, Not Another Teen Movie, TV series; Magic World, The Domino Effect, Young People, A Confinement Mess and the video games Zombeach Resort and The Chain Breakers.

He is a great fan of the horror genre and films with unexpected endings. His dream has always been to work in the entertainment industry; cinema, comics or video games to create and develop new stories or scripts.

His first short film in 2013 as a director and actor was “Regression” in which a man looks back on the last minutes of his life, in a desperate situation in an apocalyptic world.

In 2014 as an actor, Sergio participated in the short film “Fear View Mirror,” directed by Julio Gude. Later with this same director, he participated as second director in, “The Law of God”, a low-budget film. Julio and Sergio have also collaborated on the following TV series titles: Magic World (TV series), La Ley del Minimo Esfuerzo (Sitcom), Un Lio de Confinamiento (Rom Com), Jovenes (Drama).

Sergio and Gude also collaborated on the following films: El Effecto Domino (Suspense), El Robo (Comedy), Homeless Vagabundos (Suspense/Terror), Monster Kombat (SCIFI/Action).

There is no limit to the projects, imagination and talent of Sergio de Frutos Lena! He is currently married and living in Spain.

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